Helpful Resources 

Below you will find web sites and other resources that I find useful.  If there is one that you think I should add, please feel free to drop me a line and I'll check it out!

Aquatic Gardeners Association: This is an international group for people who enjoy working with planted tanks and aquatic plants.  Please consider joining our group.  It is not expensive, and member benefits include a beautiful, quarterly, full color magazine full of articles that you will not find elsewhere.  There is also a member's only section of the website, where you can access videos of many speakers from past conventions and other special content.

Aquatic Gardeners Association Face Book Page: We have over 9,000 members on the AGA Face Book page, and whether you are a paid member or not, you are welcome to join us.  Ask questions, share your knowledge or share photos of your tanks and plants!

Flowgrow:  This is a German website, but can be accessed in English as well. It has the most complete and most accurate on-line information on aquarium plant species that I know of.

Tropica: This a commercial nursery in Denmark, but their site as lots of useful information, including good descriptions of the plants they sell, planting diagrams, information on planted tanks, etc.  

Aquatic Plant Central: For those who like forums rather than Face Book, this is a nice, smallish forum with knowledgeable people.

The Barr Report:  There is a tremendous amount of useful information on this site, and it has always been carefully moderated.  There are some areas of the forum that are subscription/fee based, but other parts are free and open to the public.

UK Aquatic Plants Society:  Although this is a UK based club, the website is full of useful information as well as a very nice forum.

Green Leaf Aquarium:  There are other on line sources of equipment for planted aquariums, but Green Leaf is great for one-stop-shopping for CO2 equipment, tools and fertilizers.  Lots of good information and greta customer service too.

Greater Washington Aquatic Plants Association: GWAPA is a local group, but they have a tremendous knowledge base.  They hold monthly meetings, but even if you aren't local, their web site has some very useful articles, and a well managed forum.