Create your own underwater world!

Everyone who sees a skillfully planted aquarium falls under its spell: it’s like looking at a tropical forest, an enchanted meadow, or a miniature mountain range. Sunken Gardens shows you how to plan, design, plant, and maintain a beautiful, thriving aquascape. From technical matters such as carbon dioxide supplementation and fertilization to the aesthetics of combining plants, rocks, and wood, Karen Randall—one of the world’s foremost experts on planted freshwater aquariums—takes the mystery out of underwater gardening and opens its pleasures to both novices and experienced aquarists.

Filled with illuminating step-by-step photos and enriched with detailed portraits of some of the best aquatic plants, fish, and invertebrates, Sunken Gardens is the essential guide to this fascinating pastime.

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Sunken Gardens, A Step-by-Step Guide to Planting Freshwater Aquariums

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