This is the place where you can purchase my book, "Sunken Gardens", which will teach you how to set up and manage a beautiful planted aquarium. You can also contact me to arrange a lecture for your group and find a list of my up-coming lectures if you are in the area and would like to attend. Over time, I plan to add other content that I think would be of interest to my readers. Please feel free to browse around!

Sunken Garden Reviews: 

Steve Wilson, NC: 

"Sunken Gardens is a work of art! In the planted aquarium hobby, the books I have read have either been scientifically confusing, limited topic, or just pretty picture books; however this book is vastly different from all of those. Sunken Gardens provides comprehensive, detailed and an easy to understand information to all readers. As I started reading Sunken Gardens my intention was to take my time, however I was enthralled, I couldn’t put the book down until the last page was read. The language is easy, yet engaging, with stunning illustrations and most importantly not confusing. Karen Randell took her own advice on keeping everything in balance while writing this groundbreaking book on the planted aquarium. With a topic that spans the economic spectrum, it was refreshing to read something that applies to all who want to keep planted aquaria and encourages the reader to plan their aquarium according to what they intend to set up. Sunken Gardens provides valuable information regarding all aspects of planted tanks and offers the reader with the tools to be successful with their planted aquarium."

Jennifer Dillon, IN: 

"The evening I got Karen's book, I read it cover to cover. I'm a plant geek at heart, so many times I exclaimed out loud, "Nice!" or "Preach it Karen!". I was absolutely delighted to see in print many of the things I have experienced first hand. Not just that, I learned many things as well! Her pragmatic and inspiring prose made me want to go do a water change, and dust off a few more tanks from the garage. I'm certain that this will become one of the "must-have" books in the hobby. Peppered throughout every page were insights and advice which illustrated Karen's wealth of experience, and her holistic advice is sure to set up hobbyists for success. I love this book, and highly recommend it to both beginner and advanced hobbyists!"