Another fan!

Here is a photo forwarded to me by Vin Kutty of his friend, Sam Grant standing in front of his tank with Sunken Gardens in hand.  Here's what he writes: "That's a 300 gal tank with Discus and Apistos that we caught on Rio Abacaxis in 2015. The foreground carpet is Staurogyne Porto Velho, Nymphaea sp. Sanitarium and dwarf chain sword."

I can't think of a better use for a beautiful planted aquarium than as home to beautiful fish he has collected himself!  Fantastic work, Sam!

Books Available Internationally!

While I was originally told that it would take at least a month for Sunken Gardens to be available in international markets, Timber Press has managed to get them out much faster.  I've heard from people in several European countries that they have been able to purchase the book, and have it in hand.  So not more need to wait if you are outside the U.S.!